We envision a future with no traffic accidents

This is Xouba

The future does not belong to dreamers. The future is built now. It is created by asking new questions, facing new challenges, questioning paradigms. This is how we move towards a better tomorrow.

At Xouba we have embarked on an extraordinary journey to think about and redefine the future of roads and achieve safer mobility thanks to the power of data.Our goal is to bring access to new sources of information based on the objectivity of connected data to predict and anticipate accidents before they happen.

We believe in the power of predictive road safety management. And we are here to make it happen. Welcome to an extraordinary journey.

Towards Vision Zero

At Xouba, we combine connected mobility datasets with our road engineering expertise in order to deliver new sources of information to help road management professionals to take better decisions and predict accidents before they happen.

Most accurate data collection

We collaborate with world leading data platforms, integrating connected car datasets with a high accuracy

Road Engineering Expertise

Our team includes engineers in road management with more than 30 years experience.

Tailor-made solutions

Every road is different. With our customized solutions, Xouba offers the answer which adapts to different road operators and agencies requirements.

The team

Jose Carlos Valdecantos


Miguel A. Muñoz

Chief Data Scientist

David Pérez


Xabier Gago

Project Manager

Fabio Romeral

Tech Lead

Debora Rivas


Asun Otero

Team Manager

Wendy Reyes

Accounting & Legal

German bosch

Data Analyst


 the answer to the challenge of intelligent mobility on road maintenance by using data analysis. With a team of civil engineering with more than 15  years of experience in road engineering and maintenance in Spain, Ireland and Latin America.

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