Otonomo and Xouba Make Roads Safer Using Connected Vehicle Data

Partnership Enables Analysis of High-Risk Locations and Unlocks Next Gen Predictive Road Safety Capabilities

HERZLIYA, Israel, and SAN FRANCISCO – JUNE 14, 2022 – Otonomo Technologies Ltd. (Nasdaq: OTMO), the platform powering the mobility economy, today announced a strategic collaboration with Xouba, the Spanish road safety data consulting company, to unlock data insights that will guide road network improvements and enhance safety on roads in Spain. As part of the agreement, Xouba will gain access to Otonomo’s floating car data to identify high-risk, accident-prone locations, determine areas that need road work and to study the effectiveness of implemented road safety measures.

“Having the ability to analyze behavioral driver data is crucial to providing location-specific solutions for road maintenance operators and engineers to make improvements,” said José Carlos Valdecantos, CEO and founder of Xouba. “At Xouba, we aim to create a world where drivers can travel safely on roads, and Otonomo’s data insights have helped us do just that. By leveraging data that unlocks visibility into elements such as the timing and intensity of braking, traction control, and use of vehicle lights, Xouba can make better informed road safety decisions based on the true state of roads and highways.”

The first project to be developed using the data provided by Otonomo’s platform will focus on safety within high-risk areas such as school district crosswalks. In the past, monitoring of car speeds required “traffic-camming”, otherwise known as radars or cameras within the crosswalk areas. Now, with Otonomo, near-real time and historical data on driving patterns can be harnessed and analyzed in these priority areas. 

“Together, Otonomo and Xouba are taking road safety innovation to the next level,” said Ben Volkow, CEO and co-founder of Otonomo. “We’re excited to be working with Xouba and blazing a path forward where predictive road safety becomes mainstream.”

To learn more about the Otonomo Platform, please visit otonomo.io.

About Otonomo

Otonomo (NASDAQ: OTMO), the platform powering the mobility economy, is igniting a new generation of mobility experiences and services. With Otonomo, providers in the transportation, mobility, insurance, and automotive industries are finally able to harness mobility data and insights and transform them into strategic assets and market advantages.

Our partners gain access to the broadest, most diverse, range of data from connected vehicles, mobile phones, public transport, EV infrastructure, and MaaS with just one contract and one API. Vehicle and multimodal mobility data is reshaped and enriched to provide deep visibility and actionable insights and empower planning, deployment, and operations.

Architected with privacy and security by design our platform is GDPR, CCPA, and other privacy regulation compliant, ensuring all parties are protected and companies remain privacy compliant across geographies worldwide.  

Otonomo has an R&D center in Israel and a presence in the United States and Europe.

About Xouba

Xouba is a Spanish startup, born with the aim of transforming, using the data analysis from connected cars, the way road safety is managed in Spain. At Xouba, we believe in the citizens’ right to drive on safer roads and, for this reason, we combine predictive analysis techniques in road safety with a strong background in road engineering.

For more information: visit xouba.es, follow us on @XoubaRoads on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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