Xouba announces the opening of new office in Miami

With this expansion, Xouba will be able to introduce its connected mobility data analysis services in the Florida market

Madrid, August 22nd, 2022

Xouba, the Spanish road safety data consulting company, has announced the opening of new office in Miami which will strengthen its position and partnerships in the mobility market. The startup, which started operations less than one year ago, consolidates its presence at the category with offices both in Europe and US.

For José Carlos Valdecantos, CEO and founder of Xouba, “the expansion into Florida is a logical step in our growth strategy”. “There are almost 11 million connected cars in the US. This means an amazing opportunity for Xouba to offer its services in a market with such a huge amount of mobility data points”, highlights Valdecantos. He emphasizes that “Xouba aims to empower Florida state institutions to make well-informed decisions on road safety management with accurate and comprehensive data analysis, allowing citizens in Florida to drive on safer roads”.

Since the beginning of its operations, Xouba counts with the support of the world’s leading mobility dataset providers, including Otonomo and Wejo, as well as some of the most recognized automobile manufacturers.

About Xouba

XOUBA is a Spanish startup, born with the aim of transforming, using the data analysis from connected cars, the way road safety is managed in Spain. At Xouba, we believe in the citizens’ right to drive on safer roads and, for this reason, we combine predictive analysis techniques in road safety with a strong backgorund in road engineering that comes from being a spin-off of the services and civil engineering company, Alvac.

For more information: visit xouba.es, follow us on @XoubaRoads on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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