Xouba’s partnership with xyzt.ai will boost smart mobility analysis solutions

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MADRID, Spain and LEUVEN, Belgium DECEMBER, 7 . Xouba, the Spanish road safety data consulting company, has announced its partnership with xyzt.ai, the high-tech location intelligence company, in order to enhance its smart mobility analysis and visualization.

Vehicle connectivity is transforming the automotive and road management sectors. With connected cars generating billions of data points daily and forecasts indicating that the connectivity levels will increase in the following years, a new approach of road safety management is arising: from a reactive system to an intelligent and predictive one.

With this agreement, Xouba will incorporate new analytics tools that increase its capacity to explore its multi-layered connected vehicle datasets, offering new mobility solutions to road maintenance operators and public institutions to improve road safety and efficiency.

For José Carlos Valdecantos, CEO and founder of Xouba, “the partnership with xyzt.ai is a key milestone for Xouba”. As he points out, “its advanced tools allow us to access new ways of visualizing our large volumes of information”. Valdecantos says that “this agreement will give us a better understanding of the mobility challenges that we, as society, are facing”.  

For Lida Joly, CEO at at xyzt.ai, “Xouba’s purpose is completely aligned with ours”. As she says, “both want to help cities, regions and citizens to drive through safer roads”. With Xouba, Joly thinks “xyzt.ai has an amazing opportunity to keep on showing how our data analytics tools can generate powerful insights that impact positively on smart mobility”.

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About Xouba

XOUBA is a Spanish startup, born with the aim of transforming, using the data analysis from connected cars, the way road safety is managed in Spain. At Xouba, we believe in the citizens’ right to drive on safer roads and, for this reason, we combine predictive analysis techniques in road safety with a strong background in road engineering.

For more information: visit xouba.es, follow us on @XoubaRoads on Twitter and LinkedIn.


About xyzt.ai

xyzt.ai is a high-tech location intelligence company that brings its users actionable business insights through a no-code geospatial platform for visualizing and analyzing big movement data from any moving assets, such as vehicles or vessels, or time series data from non-moving sensors, such as cameras, air quality and noise pollution sensors.
It does so in a unique and effortless way: Customer setup takes less than a day, there is no custom development needed, and insights can be obtained in an interactive way, even for billions of location records.
More information is available at www.xyzt.ai

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